About Twyla

Twyla is developing the next generation of conversational technologies. We build our product with the aim of delivering a conversation design and authoring experience that puts natural conversation front and center. This enables conversation designers to build effective and efficient chatbots to assist where required, be it complex enterprise level customer support or simple small talk as a pet project.

We are a multi-cultural and cross-functional team with domain experts in conversation design, user experiences, computational linguistics, machine learning and software engineering. Our working style is relaxed, informal, and we prefer quality over quantity. Oh, and we are sensibly agile. We believe that the best way to achieve this is by building a team of communicative, open-minded and supportive engineers, and giving them freedom, responsibility and the best tools available. If you would like to work with a first class team of developers and designers in this exciting area, get in touch.

The Role

At Twyla, we are developing an enterprise class infrastructure and services platform that forms the backbone for delivering these technologies. We have built the initial instance of this using Kubernetes on Azure, Docker Containers, Ansible and some first pass scripts. We are now in the process of increasing the extent of our automation to cover every aspect of stack and to improve the platform operations. We want to ensure that the platform and tools are reliably available not only to our customers but also our own engineers and internal users. You'll be the first employee and will help shape our Site Reliability Engineering practice. This role will also see you enabling the developers by creating and maintaining any tools that will help engineers focus on product code. You will also be enabling our other technical functions like Business Insights by providing them means to access and extract information from our data sources.

The Stack

  • Python (Core language for all current services, this includes conversational APIs, Natural Language Understanding etc.)
  • JavaScript (We use react.js to build our flagship client-side application)
  • C# (Certain integration services we build and use are written with .net core)
  • RabbitMQ (Messaging help us achieve a clean stateless services architecture)
  • Docker (Containers, containers every where! We package and distribute our services as docker images)
  • Kubernetes/OpenShift (We obviously need a container orchestration solution to manage all those containers)
  • Azure and related services (We are mostly cloud agnostic, but right now we use Azure as our IaaS and also for providing some hosted services)
  • Postgres, MongoDB (State has to go somewhere)

We believe strongly in using the right tool for the right job. If we get to a point where we need a new tool or language to meet a need or improve on what we have, we do not hesitate to experiment.

About You

We look for hunger for knowledge over experience, passion over certificates; and a non-hesitance to get your hands dirty. Besides an open mind and a passion to explore ideas, here are some of the things we are looking for:

  • Desire to mentor and enable less experienced colleagues
  • Motivation to contribute to the long-term vision and approach of Twyla
  • Take pride in defining and executing simple and accessible solutions no matter the complexity of the problems
  • Communication and listening skills, in business, technical, and organisational domains

From the technical stand point, here are basic things we need you to be aware of or across.

  • Ansible (This needs to be beyond the basics of "I wrote a playbook")
  • Kubernetes (OpenShift experience would stand out considerably)
  • Cloud Provider Experience (Any of the major cloud providers would work)
  • A functioning knowledge of challenges around micro-services architectures
  • We practice continuous integration and delivery methodologies, experience working with and building tools and pipelines for this will help
  • Experience with monitoring and alerting solutions
  • Python, Bash (We expect some level of command over programming at least for scripting)

We ❤️ Open Source Software and the communities around it. We build on top of some great projects out there and we promote our engineers engaging in these communities. A well-functioning happy team is important, and we strongly believe that diversity is one of the most important pieces to this. There is great opportunity in the work that we do, and we welcome anyone willing to challenge themselves and contribute.

Culture and Benefits

We preach a relaxed culture but we’re all ambitious people, both for ourselves and for our work.  We’ve set out with a blank canvas and we bring to our work a lot of experience working in different backgrounds, and with a real drive to do things better with Twyla.

In addition to that we boast:

  • A great, diverse group of people from different disciplines
  • Sponsorship of personal development initiatives, like courses and conferences (doesn’t even have to be relating to your job)
  • Amazing offices in the hub:raum building
  • All the coffee and club mate you can drink (and beers available when needed)
  • Standard German full-time employment benefits of health insurance, vacation, and parental leave
  • Visa sponsorship

One more thing...

As a member of the Twyla team, you'll be entrusted with the opportunity to own tasks and see them through to completion. We code mostly in Python and Node.js, but we care more about finding the right tool for the job than the tool itself - -we are pragmatic rather than dogmatic. At Twyla, you will have the opportunity to broaden your career development into areas of machine learning, natural language processing, and other aspects of our stack.

If you're the one, let us know.

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